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CIMA Case Study: First Day - A Success!

CSSC Tuition are delighted with the success of our first operational case study day which prepares students for CIMA's November 2017 exam.

Facilities were pleasant and modern, classrooms spacious and parking was ample at Staffordshire University Business School - Stoke on Trent - where all our CIMA lessons are hosted.

Despite giving up their Saturday, our students were engaged and enthusiastic. All were familiar with the preseen scenario (Struan's of Newland - Ice-cream) so we could spend the day analysing the issues and linking back to technical syllabus content.

A decision to team teach this lesson worked well and meant we had a broad range of expertise in the classroom ( Sarah being the financial reporting and tax expert and my specialisms in management accounting, finance and business strategy).

We mapped stakeholders, got to grips with industry terms ( variegator, over run, homogenisation and others). Performed a detailed ratio analysis to assess the financial position of Struan's and students then produced a written task in timed conditions on working capital ratios with a sample mock question using an email from Enid Chang (Struan's financial controller!)

We will be meeting again next Saturday. Our topics being, exam technique and methods to maximise marks followed by risk mapping and technical aspects of government grants and capital allowances ( tax allowable depreciation). According to CIMA examiners report for August 17, CIMA F1 topics were the worst performing amongst candidates- so in response to this we are making sure our students are fully prepped in that area because of the likelihood it will be examined in detail for future sittings.

We will also will be holding our full length mock in timed conditions. Students have been given an option to sit this mock on paper or with a laptop. Either way we will be sticking to exam rules and once a section time is up - they will be forced to move on (CIMA rules not ours!!). Mock feedback will be detailed and promptly returned. Scores will reflect full CIMA marking criteria. This is all included in the price of the course.

On Saturday evening, we were delighted to receive another 5* Facebook review from a new student who was joining CSSC for the first time. This showed that it wasn't just us who thought it was a super, successful day!!

If you are nearing the end of operational level (or managerial level) why not book at CSSC tuition for our future case-study sessions .... Two full days, combined expertise of two expert tutors, small class sizes and interactive, engaging lessons. You'll also benefit from the chance to sit a mock exam and received detailed feedback.

All included in our £300 package (prices may change in future).

We are easy to find and within walking distance of Stoke on Trent station and parking is unrestricted and ample!.

Book now! ( maximum 10 places available per sitting).

Enquiries and bookings please contact

Or use our webform below. We promise to respond within 48 hours ( usually sooner!!)

Teaching stakeholder mapping CIMA
Mendelows matrix - Stakeholder mapping CIMA

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