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PQ Awards - Our two worthy nominees

Just this time, last month, CSSC Tuition were heading off to London with two of our students for the most exciting 2019 event to date, the PQ Awards. Held at exquisite Leicester Square venue, Café de Paris, you will find all of the big players there; finance heads and education leaders along with key decision makers from CIMA, ACCA, AAT, CIPFA + many more.

PQ owner and editor Graham Hambley presents the awards and is a charming host and organiser of this amazing event. Graham is a true ambassador for accounting students everywhere. He is truly independent and represents the student voice for all. (I do feel there should be an award presented to him from all of us one year… perhaps we can arrange for that?! )

Anyway, as you can imagine we were absolutely delighted to find out that two of our Staffordshire based students had made the PQ shortlist for 2019.

Netty - Shortlisted: NQ of the year

Included, was our newly qualified Netty (former student and long-term friend of CSSC – read her story in our earlier blog) at last we were able to celebrate her recently achieved status of fully qualified CIMA member. She was honoured to receive a nomination for ‘NQ of the year’ and her inspiring story has earned her a place at the awards for two years in a row now.

Charity - Shortlisted PQ of the year

In addition to Netty, we were proud to accompany our CIMA student Charity who was in the running for ‘PQ of the year’ award (the main prize of the evening!!). Charity is one of the most cheerful and positive students that you will ever meet.

Most of Charity’s classmates are completely unaware of the struggles she faces in holding down a full-time job and caring for her two young sons – one of whom was born very poorly with cystic fibrosis. Determined to make the best for her life, family and career, Charity has built upon her MAAT status and now self-finances her own CIMA study. Despite the added strain of caring for a disabled child, she stays motivated and fully committed at all times -in fact - she even brought her CIMA P2 books along to the hotel that evening!!

Unfortunately, we are sorry to conclude that neither of our two nominees received a much-coveted PQ trophy that evening , although with typical positivity, they went back to their hotel happy, having had a wonderful night. Showing just a twinge of natural disappointment, they were still thrilled to have made the short list.

Well done to all winners and nominees that evening.Thank you to Graham and his team for including us on the guest list and to judges for considering our two nominees Charity and Netty.

The event – as always -was a tremendous success and an enjoyable and valuable experience for everybody involved.

Ps) For those who think the accountancy profession is boring – please view the photos from that evening (see – March 2019 for more)

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