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Self-Study? 15 things that accountancy classroom tuition can offer - that your books cannot!

We often meet accountancy students who come to us for help after countless tries at self-study and previous exam attempts … Some just don't know what went wrong and they explain that they know their textbook inside out yet it didn't get them anywhere near to the pass mark.

It is a shame for this type of student – if fact many years ago when I studied for my own CIMA exams I tried to do a few papers self-study. I got through but it wasn't easy!


So we do what we can to help – we offer free and flexible instalment options and include a timetable of evening & Saturday courses. We also offer free guidance and advice to help them on their journey but self-study is a very hard route to take.

Obviously, we are biased here and see ourselves as bringing (easily) the best value and highest quality tuition in Staffordshire.

But here is a list of some of the benefits from classroom learning... benefits that your self-study textbooks / you tube videos can't bring you....


1) Ongoing motivation & structure

The thought of sitting at home with a mountain of text books and an exam entry deadline looking is not motivating at all. It has been proved that little and often is the key to success- which is why CSSC Tuition offer regular weekly classes – unlike other tuition providers who offer block release or intermittent daytime sessions.

By keeping our classes small & friendly aswell as engaging and interactive – we hope that you’ll find coming to class something that you look forward to. The peer support is helpful as well as the networking opportunities that come along by sharing with others who are in similar situations. Indeed we have many students once they reach fully qualified will contact us to say how they miss the positive experience of coming to lessons.

2) Mock exam practice & objective marker feedback

Students who self-study will rarely sit an exam to timed conditions and then submit it for marking and feedback by an independent marker. This is a real benefit to coming to class. At CSSC Tuition we have two timed assessments included in every course.

For most, the first occasion when they have to sit to write for 3 hours (ACCA) or to answer 60 questions in 90 minutes ( CIMA) they find it very difficult. By the time exam day comes that will be their third assessment under timed conditions – unlike those who self-study that are going through their first-time pain in the actual exam itself.

3) Examiners favourite topics / pet hates/ comments from recent examiner conferences and other tutor-only resources.

4) Most frequently examined topics & style of questions to expect.

5) Overdue areas – topics likely to be examined imminently

6) Which chapters are rarely examined and can be classed as lower priority in your study plan

7) How to make your answer ‘marker friendly’

8) Students most frequent exam slips and how to avoid.

9) Syllabus changes and other issues that may affect the material or format examined

10) Exam technique and how to use this to maximise exam marks (even when you don't know the correct answer!!)

11) A range of bespoke materials tailored to your learning from a bank of self-written tutor resources. Those studying for computerised objective test exams need to appreciate that the questions were written by a number of authors ( some of whom are on CSSC Tuition lecturing team). The more variety of resources and styles of questions that students can practice with the better. Our expert tutors present their own written material based on years of subject specialism.

12) In addition to that – CSSC Tuition offer outside-hours class support, we are always there at the end of the phone or email to provide any technical guidance or to answer other queries.

13) We offer optional performance reports to your sponsoring employers so they can see the progress being made on the investment in your training.

14) Along with this – you will also receive the recommended publisher’s latest version of course textbook and other resources at the lowest discounted price available (or we can knock this off the price if you )

So if you are struggling at home with ACCA or CIMA tuition, then please get in touch with or visit our website Even if you cant afford to come to college, we are always glad to help and it is true,

We care about your exam results as much as you do :-)

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