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SBL - An ACCA exam like no other!

SBL is an ACCA exam paper like no other. CSSC Tuition were invited to ACCA HQ in London for specialist training, so we can show you how to maximise marks in this new style professional exam.


Strategic Business Leader (SBL) is designed to assess your commercial skills, business acumen, ethical judgment and technical knowledge. There is often no single ‘right’ answer to some of the questions you will be asked in SBL exam –some marks are going to be earned through reasoning and supporting the answer that you do give. You also have up to 20 marks to earn for showing professional strengths which include scepticism, analysis and evaluation.

Its predecessor papers P1 & P3 have certainly influenced SBLbut ACCA are making it clear this this is more than a combination of the two - it's a new paper in itselfcompletely new‼ This is most evident in the style of questions, the answers they are looking for and the way that the paper will be marked!

The SBL exam duration - like its syllabus is much longer than others, You’ll be sitting at your exam desk for a whopping 4 hours– phew!! - so this will be one of the exams that definitely will benefit from being (eventually) computerised.

ACCA have been extremely generous with resources made available for tutors and students. There is a wealth of information out there – podcasts, webinars, sample exam scripts and so on all to ensure students and lecturers are fully prepared.

We were also given plenty of notice from ACCA that this new paper was on its way. SBL is an planned and well thought-out change designed to modernise the ACCA syllabus and prepare students to become future strategic leaders!

Over summer, CSSC Tuition were invited to Adeplhi, London (ACCA HQ) to train with the ACCA themselves. We spent a day learning the similarities and distinct differences from P1/ P3, and also were given a detailed view from the perspective of a SBL marking team. We discussed teaching strategies, learning methods, use of technology in the classroom and more - all ways which we can use to show our students how to pass SBL first time.

ACCA HQ London

In support of upholding the strong professional standards and reputation of the ACCA qualification- (I believe im correct in thinking ) ACCA is the only accounting institute to present a completely unseen business case studyin the exam. Both ACA and CIMA know some details of their case study and have the benefit of tutor advice (and google) before they go into the exam. ACCA students are completely blind to the industry which they are expected to write about convincingly for the next 4 hours‼


On a good note – any ACCA student who is on F level (or P) will be cheering because they are now one less exam away from qualifying‼ Hoorah‼


Please don't underestimate this exam as needing some common sense waffle! Students are going to really benefit from tutor guidance on how to prepare and maximise marks in this new style exam.

CSSC Tuition will be following best practice by delivering our SBL course across 2 sittings – our students will join us late September to prepare for a March 2019 exam. They will also be benefitting from the knowledge and expertise of three experienced ACCA tutors who have specialisms in business strategy and management.

If you are close to Staffordshire then please get in touch- there is still time to join our SBL course.. The sessions start on 26th September 2018 and will be held at Chambers of Commerce, Stoke on Trent. [At time of writing we have two places left‼ ]

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